What the future harvest yields is dependent upon the seeds that are planted today. In order to produce the outcomes we desire we must have a place to germinate the ideas that will shape the future.

Seminary means seedbed. A literal seedbed is a nursery where a community of plants can be cultivated.

Free Seminary is a community where ideas are freely shared and cultivated amongst the priesthood of all believers in order to put more love in the world.

God has placed inside your soul a desire to make an impact. Life is too short for going through the motions. You are too gifted, our God is too great for you to hold back what has been placed on your heart.

Free Seminary exist to educate, equip, and encourage you to bring your God-given ideas to life.

A biweekly show exploring innovative expressions of ministry, examining foundational theological concepts, and offering practical tips for leading the church of tomorrow while following Christ into the future.

Hosted by Rev. Dr. Tyler Kaufmann


These are some of our friends taking creative action to solve social problems and put more love in the world.

Community Builder and CEO of Showers for All
Restoring dignity and hope with a mobile shower house.
Co-Leader Sleep in Heavenly Peace Denver
Doing our part to make sure no child sleeps on the floor in our town.
Founder and CEO of Wagon Coffee
Supporting Women in Recovery with delicious af coffee.
Visionary and Director of Belief Home
Creating spaces in Ghana for children to thrive.
Executive Director of Colorado Village Collaborative
Bridging the gaps between the streets and stable housing.
Co-Founder and Director of The Neighboring Movement
Fostering community transformation through the practice of good neighboring.
Owner and Director of Affirm Fundraising
Helping changemakers leverage their strengths to build and fund their God-given visions.
Musician, Creative, Podcaster, and AuthorFounder of Heath in Pursuit and The Meraki Agency
Encouraging the church to engage culture more creatively while pursuing truth and teaching people how to have honest conversations.


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