It is my goal to educate, equip, and encourage people to bring their world changing ideas to life.

A brief history

Free Seminary began in 2021 under the name Vile Methods as part of Dr. Tyler Kaufmann's dissertation project at Portland Seminary of George Fox University where he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in Future Studies focused on Semiotics, Church and Culture with Dr. Leonard Sweet.

Vile Methods was a play on two concepts of The Reverend John Wesley. One, that Christians ought to "submit to be more vile" by sharing the love of God more broadly. And two, that by establishing methods for doing things others could be empowered to grow and expand their impact as well.

As a result of the Vile Methods project, Tyler began offering consultation to church leaders and coaching aspiring changemakers to help them deal with the challenges they face in a rapidly evolving society.

After witnessing how impactful the concepts and insights he shares are in helping people be who God created them to be, Tyler decided to expand the project. He encountered many people that believe they need to go to a religious seminary in order to get the tools required to make the impact they desire. A religious seminary is important for some things, such as becoming an ordained minister, but for other endeavors it is unnecessary.

Free Seminary a seedbed community where methods and encouragement for putting more love in the world are freely shared. Tyler firmly believes that you have unique gifts to make a unique impact by bringing your God-given dreams to life. Free Seminary exist to nurture your gifts and help you grow your impact.

Tyler creates and distributes Free Seminary free of charge to get the knowledge and wisdom needed to be a changemaker to as many as possible. What happens from there is up to you?

"You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world." Jesus

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi